Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge in five easy steps

Want to take the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge but don’t know where to start?

Go to challenge.lets-dothis.org.uk and follow these five easy steps.

1. Choose your goals

Once you’ve registered it’s time to choose your goals. We recommend picking two Everyday Changes goals and one Get Active goal to start with, but you can choose as many or as few goals as you like. You can always add goals later, but if you delete any your past activity for those goals will disappear.

2. Schedule your activity

Everyday Changes are changes you’re encouraged to make every day, like eating more fruit and veg or drinking healthier drinks. Get Active goals require a bit more planning so we’ll ask you to schedule your first activity. You can set up text or email reminders for scheduled Get Active goals.

3. Track your progress

Log in daily to record your activities and soon your calendar will be full of colour. Your calendar is the place to track your progress during your 8 Week Challenge. Don’t worry if you miss a day – you can always try again tomorrow. ‘Did you do anything else?’ will prompt you to put in any Get Active goal activity you might not have scheduled. To schedule a Get Active activity click an upcoming day on your calendar, or to fill in a missed Everyday Changes activity click a previous day.

4. Share your achievements

Tell your friends how you’re doing via social media or email. We’ll give you progress reports every two weeks so you can shout about all the changes you’re making. If you need a helping hand, the 8 Week Challenge is full of recipes and tips designed to keep you on track.

5. Do it again

When it’s all over – why not do it again? Challenge yourself to complete different goals, or choose the same ones to reinforce your new routines. What matters is that you’re in control of making healthier changes; whether that means fruit instead of a chocolate bar, cooking a healthier version of your favourite takeaway, or going swimming a couple of times a week.

Start taking small steps to better health with the 8 Week Challenge. Sign up today at challenge.lets-dothis.org.uk.



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