Get a healthy boost from oily fish

Some fish – including salmon, mackerel and sardines – are described as ‘oily’ because they contain a healthy type of fat – omega-3 – which is great for your heart. Oily fish are also a great source of protein which is important for your muscles. Eating two portions of oily fish a week can give a quick and delicious boost to your healthy lifestyle.

The benefits

  • Oily fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are also a great source of vitamin D, which is important for keeping our bones, teeth and muscles healthy.
  • Oily fish are a healthy source of protein, especially for people who don’t eat meat, or want a healthier alternative to red or processed meat.
  • Stocking up on tinned sardines and mackerel is a convenient and cheap way to include oily fish in your meals. Served on toast with a side salad, this makes a quick, easy and nutritious meal.


If you want motivation tracking your healthy eating, try the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge.

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