How to feel confident as part of your Winter Warm up

Follow these simple tips and watch our video to find out how you can get active at home this autumn.

Fit it in

It can be hard to find the time to get active during the day. You don’t have to spend long to feel the benefits – 10 minutes is enough to get your heart pumping and your body feeling better. Once you’re into the groove why not try and fit in another 10 minutes later in the day?

Start simple

If you’re not sure how to get active at home, simple strengthening exercises are a good place to start. Try chair sits or lunges for your lower body, arm raises for your upper body and sit ups for a strong core.

Props to you

You can use everyday items from around the house as exercise equipment to add more to your home workout. Try a tin of beans in each hand for bicep curls, or a chair for tricep dips.

Find the right exercises for you

Experiment with different exercises and make sure your body is comfortable when you try them. Start slow and build up. Above all, make sure you enjoy it!

Start your 8 Week Challenge

Set your goals as part of your Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge and track your progress while getting active. Watching your progress will help you to feel more confident in your health and ability. Our Winter Warm Up video gives you more info on how you can get confident by setting the ‘Get active at home’ goal.

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