Hints to help you drink healthy

Are you a fan of fizzy pop, or an energy drink addict? Pour your unhealthy habits down the sink by ditching those sugar-packed drinks. Our top tips will help you quench your thirst and feel great with refreshing, cheap, and healthy ways to hydrate. Come on, let’s do this!

Make water your go-to choice
Train yourself to drink more water by leaving a glass somewhere you’ll see it every day; on your desk, by the kettle or even in the fridge. Every time you see it, use it to have a drink of water.

Give milkshakes a healthy makeover
It’s easy to make a vitamin-packed low fat milkshake at home, by whizzing up fruit with semi-skimmed milk. Berries, bananas and soft fruits like peaches work best.

Switch fizz for squash
Save money and love your body by swapping unhealthy fizzy drinks for refreshing squash with no added sugar.

Learn the language of labels
Before you put drinks in your trolley, read the small print. If the label says it contains more than 10g of sugar per 100ml, leave it on the shelf.

Use your blender
Mocktails anyone? Blend your favourite fruits together for a flavour-rich drink that packs much more fibre than shop-bought juices. Try adding some tasty veggies to the mix for a fresher flavour, like cucumber or carrot.

Have a good brew
Who’s for a cuppa? A cup of tea can be a healthy drink, as long as you choose semi-skimmed (green top), 1% (orange or purple) or skimmed milk (red) instead of full-fat (blue). You might notice the change at first, but it’ll soon be second nature.

Remix your morning coffee
Slim down your coffee choice by switching from a latte to a normal white coffee or cappuccino, made with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk.

Make hot drinks less sugary
You’re sweet enough already. Take steps to cut down sugar in your hot drinks. Gradually reducing the amount you take over a week or two will help you adapt to the new flavour.

Lighten your Lassi
If you love a lassi, opt for one with low-fat milk or plain yoghurt, and use an artificial sweetener instead of adding lots of sugar.


Thirsty for more? Head over to the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge and set a goal to drink more water or swap unhealthy drinks for healthy ones.

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