How to look after your wellbeing by getting active and eating better

It’s important to look after your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health. Diabetes UK, The British Heart Foundation and Tesco recognise the impact that mental wellbeing and physical health can have on each other. We asked 2000 people what they did to improve their wellbeing, and below are their tips to looking after yourself with physical activity and eating well.

“Walking is the best way to socialise, and start to feel better and it’s free. Borrow a dog and set off on a new road.”

Being with friends or family can help you feel better if you’re feeling low, and being active with them has a double-y positive effect as exercise also makes you feel better. Get a social fix and some exercise by going for walks together with friends, or if dogs give you that cheesy grin take yours along or borrow one (but ask first!).

 “I was always reaching for the crisps and chocolate. Now I’ve swapped them for snacks like fruit and veg.”

It’s easy to find comfort in food – and often that food isn’t the best choice you could make. But snacking doesn’t have to be bad for you; check out our top tips for snacking right and help get yourself back in the game on a bad day.

“At the end of a long day, I’d want a big bowl of pasta to tuck into. My portion sizes were way too big, but with the 8 Week Challenge I got them to the right size.”

Sometimes, dishing yourself up a large portion of dinner gives you comfort at the end of a long or hard day. But eating too large a portion can lead to putting on weight putting you at risk of Type 2 diabetes and heart and circulatory disease. Knowing your portion sizes can help you get the nutrients you need to look and feel good, and save money at the same time. Check out our article on what portion sizes are right.

“When the weather was rubbish I would sit inside on the sofa, but that made me feel rubbish too. So I looked for some activity classes in my area and now I go out and get active a couple of times a week.”

When it gets dark in the afternoons or it is cold or wet outside, it can be much more appealing to snuggle under the duvet or curl up on the sofa. But bad weather doesn’t have to stop you from getting active – you can exercise at home, or look through our top tips to get you get outside even on rainy days! And if that’s got you inspired, why not check out your local park to find to see if there are activities going on for you and the family.


Check out our Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Mood this January, and use the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge to track your exercise and healthy eating.

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