How to stay on track on holiday

Going on holiday this summer? Our tips will help you relax while keeping unhealthy food choices and lack of exercise at bay.


Wake up to a walk

Before sitting down for breakfast, go for a walk to wake yourself up. Walking is a gentle exercise and a few laps around the block will get you ready for the day.

Swim some lengths

Take advantage of the pool if you’ve got one and get some aqua-cise. Get down to an inflatable free pool before breakfast and do some leisurely lengths to help get your heart pumping. During the day play games in the pool with the kids.

Buff up your breakfast

Make your breakfast a good start to the day. Swap your full English for a continental wholegrain bagel with low-fat cream cheese, or choose wholegrain cereals instead of sugary ones or choose healthier cooked breakfast combinations like beans on toast, poached eggs and grilled tomatoes. Add plenty of fruit to your breakfast to kick start your five a day. Try not to pile your plate high though or you’ll end up overeating.

Choose ‘virgin’ cocktails

Alcohol will add extra calories and sugar to your diet, so choose alcohol-free ‘mocktails’. But be mindful of how much juice you’re consuming – 150ml of juice is one of your five a day but anymore can lead to unnecessary amounts of sugar in your diet. Try a sparkling water with a dash of lime for something refreshing.

Explore the area on foot – or by bike

Skip the open-top bus tour. Try a guided walking or bicycle tour of your holiday area instead. Pack your trainers and you’ll see plenty from the ground.

Pack a picnic

If you’re going on a day trip, pack a family picnic to avoid eating unhealthy fast foods and save money too. Take snacks like unsalted nuts and dried or fresh fruit so you can make sure the whole family is eating healthy throughout the day.

Stay hydrated

If you’re enjoying the sunshine, make sure you’re all getting enough water. Being in the sun can dehydrate you, so keep a water bottle nearby. You should aim to have 6-8 glasses of fluid a day but may need more if it is very hot or you are very active. Be sure to read the guidelines around tap or bottled water in the country you’re visiting.

Write it down

Take a holiday journal with you – you’ll want something to write in there, and if you get active and take part in plenty of activities you’ll certainly have something to shout about.

Find activities to keep you occupied

Fill your days with new activities to keep you and the kids entertained. Maybe there’s a tennis court nearby, or a waterpark to try out. If there’s a lake, try a pedalo or rowboat. Coastal resorts will often have activities on the beach or pier that you can dive into.

Use the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge

You can stay on track by using the 8 Week Challenge. Login each day to see your streaks build and you’ll feel motivated to keep up the good work.


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