How to have a takeaway and still eat well

Sometimes at the end of a long day or week it’s easy to succumb to the ease and comfort of takeaway food. If you do, here are some ways you can make that delivery deliver more for your health.

Make your portions smaller

Leftovers aren’t a thing to be afraid of – what is left over from last night’s dinner can be stored safely in the fridge. Ensure it has fully cooled first before refrigerating, and when reheating for lunch the next day be sure to heat until it’s piping hot throughout. Serve from the container onto a smaller plate. It sounds cliché, but eating slowly will help you feel fuller because your brain takes a while to catch up with your stomach. Think you haven’t got enough leftovers to make another meal? Add a portion of oily fish to leftover noodles, or top your pizza with a portion of veg to get you towards your five a day. Find out more about portion sizes.

Add a portion of your five a day

Talking of your five a day, think about ordering less from the takeaway shop and serving up a portion of veg or salad with each meal. Rather than ordering a side dish of vegetables that have often been fried or cooked with sauces high in fat and salt, you can easily and cheaply make a large bowl of vegetables and then you and your family will be on your way to your five a day.  Check out our article on the benefits of fruit and veg.

Add some oily fish

Oily fish is a great source of protein and essential fat known as omega-3, which are both vital for your body to remain healthy. If you’re ordering pizza, avoid one with fatty meat like salami and get some salmon or sardines to put on top instead. Learn more about the benefits of oily fish.

Add beans and pulses

Beans and pulses are low in fat, high in protein and can help bulk up a meal and make it go a long way. If you’re ordering curry, try swapping a meat dish with a dhal or a chickpea dish. Find out more about the benefits of beans and pulses.

Drink up

Choose sugar-free drinks like water to wash down your takeaway, rather than soft drinks or alcohol that are high in sugar and calories. Besides, water won’t take away from the flavours of the meal. If you do enjoy a tipple, drink slowly and stick to diet or slimline mixers.

Cook it from scratch

Of course the best way to make sure your takeaways are as good as possible is to cook your own! We’ve got loads of easy to make recipes on our website for you to try, and we can tell you a few reasons why it’s better to make it from scratch.

You can also check out Diabetes UK’s advice for enjoying takeaways and food when you’re out and about.

If you want to want to motivate yourself to cook healthier meals, why not try the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge?

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