Top tips to help you snack right

Why reach for junk food when swapping to delicious, healthy snacks can help you keep control of your weight and feel great? Use these tips to get into the habit of guilt-free snacking today. Come on, let’s do this!

Keep snacks close
Wallet? Check! – Phone? Check! – Snacks? Check! Keep a 25g (two tablespoons) bag of dried fruit and unsalted nuts in your handbag so there’s always a healthy choice close when you need a boost.

Avoid multitasking
Snacking while you work can make you eat more, because you may not notice when you feel full. Instead, take a few minutes to stop what you’re doing and enjoy your snack.

Keep calm and snack well
Protein-rich snacks like unsalted nuts are filling so are a good choice if you find you’re very hungry and it’s a long time until your next meal.

Snack clever
Pick healthy foods that fill you up. High-fibre foods like wholewheat crackers and hummus will make you feel fuller for longer. Fruit and veg contain lots of water and fibre so are filling to eat for the amount of calories they provide.

Take a drink
Being thirsty can trick you into thinking you need to eat. Always have a bottle or glass of water handy, stay hydrated, and reduce hunger pangs.

Take the snack out the pack
Eating straight from a packet makes you more likely to have too much. Put a small portion of your snack on a plate, and put the rest away.

Make healthy choices easy choices
Stock up your fruit bowl today, and have it out on the counter. If healthy choices are convenient, you’ll be more likely to snack right.

Have a backup snack plan
Keep a tin of your favourite fruit (in juice) in the cupboard, and pop a tub of grapes in the freezer. If you’re out of fresh fruit, you’ll still have healthy treats to turn to when you need a boost.

Slow down to fill up
Just like at mealtimes, eating snacks more slowly will give your brain a chance to realise when you’re satisfied. So take your time and you’ll be less likely to overindulge.


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