Why making your own takeaway can make it better for you

If you fancy a takeaway tonight, why not put the phone down and pick up a saucepan – it’s easier than you think to make your own takeaway and make it better. And you could probably put together a meal in the time it takes to order one in. Follow our tips below to find out how.

Less saturated fat

Foods like butter and full fat dairy foods, like cream and cheese tend to be high in saturated fat, which is bad for your heart. So when cooking a pizza at home, go for a reduced fat cheese, and when making a curry you can choose a less creamy sauce. There’s a range of ways to cut down on saturated fat when you cook your own takeaway dishes at home.

Control things like frying oil

A lot of takeaway foods come fried or cooked with a lot of oil, which can add unnecessary calories to your dish. By cooking at home, you can control how much oil you use and which type of oil too – oils like rapeseed and olive oil are better for your heart that saturated fats like ghee or coconut oil. You can even cook without oil, by using cooking methods such as baking, grilling and poaching.

Control your portions

It’s tempting to eat the whole container of Chinese special fried rice, all the Thai spring rolls or maybe even the whole pizza. The portions that come from takeaway shops are generally quite big. When you cook at home you can control the size of your portions, measuring out the ingredients and making sure you don’t overeat. Check out our article to help you eat less and you can follow the British Heart Foundation’s tips on getting the right portion sizes.

Make it a family activity

As well as making the meal better for you, making your own takeaway meals at home gives the whole family the opportunity to join in and try new things. Divide the labour and get your kids involved which will help teach them how to cook and about eating well.

Save yourself money

The cost of takeaways add up, especially with a big family and several dishes to share around. Making your own takeaway meals at home will not only taste good but can save you lots of money too, as you can shop cheaply for the ingredients.

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