Winter Warm up

Set goals to warm up to winter as part of your 8 Week Challenge

Start your 8 Week Challenge

Stay active this winter

Beat the winter blues with simple and easy activities designed to get your heart pumping. Watch our short energy booster videos for inspiration on how to get your Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge up and running.

The 8 Week Challenge helps you set health-related goals and choose how and when you work towards achieving them. Why not set yourself a goal to be more active this autumn? Come on let’s do this!

More ways to keep moving

Whether you’re getting active at home or in the great outdoors, the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge gives you useful tips to help you achieve your goals. Get inspired with one of our videos and find the goals that work for you. Fitting in time to get active is easier than you think… watch how these mums do it.

Top Tips

It just takes one small step and you’ll be on your way to a healthier life. View our tips to get you started.

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